Bazooka (Garagepunk Athens) + Gay Anniversary (Noisy Punk Athens) * 07ter Mai * 20:30 * Epplehaus Tübingen


„Bazooka“ is a Blast!!!!

Mit zwei Drummern, ohrenzerfetzender Verzerrung & augenzwinkerndem Wahnsinn, entstauben diese Youngster das Genre, räumen auf mit dem traditionellen Mist, walzen Alle(s) nieder!!! Slovenly Records schreibt:

„Loud and direct from Athens, GR, Slovenly presents the latest dig from our Mediterranean rock mining operation in the form of hard-hitting quartet BAZOOKA. This unruly crew features double drum kit pummel (John Vulgaris – producer of the phenomenal Acid Baby Jesus LP is one of them), twin guitar attack supreme, and uncomfortably perverted Dave Vanian-esque vox, and the three track wax E.P. makes nasty on the uber-punk, destined-for-classic status “I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School,” as manifested on the grotesquely juvenile cover art. Rounding out this 7” circle with bone shaking, super-sonic madness,“Monkey Town” and “Tingle” make this a triple A-side blast of blown out perfection.“

„Gay Anniversary“ klingen wie die Überfans von den Spits, peitschen einem die volle NoisePunk-Attacke um die „von schnörkelloser“ Musik verwöhnten Öhrchen…

„We are Gay Anniversary, we play punk, we love noise and we are so bored to talk about ourselves.“

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