Freitag, 04.10.2013 · 18:00 Uhr KONZERT & FILMVORFÜHRUNG & AUFLEGEREI Big Eyes – USA + Better Than Something Movie ( Jay Reatard ) Laden am Sternplatz / Tübingen

BE TOUR 2013


Oh Meine Fresse, ich freu mir nen Ast, endlich kommen die drei Kids nach Europa, endlich den MEGA HIT „BACK FROM THE MOON“ live erleben!!!!

Wunderbar poppiger Garage-Powerpop-Punk-Whatever mit Mädelsgesang, etwa die Schnittstelle der White Wires meets Bad Sports mit Ramones einsprengseln, zum verlieben schön und süß! Nachdem die Band seit mehr als 2 Jahren eigentlich nur eines macht – Gesamt Amerika zu betouren, nun ihre erste Europa Tour, 4 Wochen für die Big Eyes fast schon eine Mini Tour, mit dabei ihr brandneues Album „Almost Famous“. Bereits um SPÄTESTENS 19:00 Uhr starten wir in den Abend mit dem Film zu Jay Reatards leben, Better than Something, ihr kennt Jay nicht? Jay Reatard (* 1. Mai 1980 in Memphis; † 13. Januar 2010 ebenda; eigentlich Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr.) war ein amerikanischer Punk-Musiker aus Memphis, Tennessee.Sein Debütwerk erschien 1998 unter dem Titel Teenage Hate. Reatard war bei Matador Records unter Vertrag. Er veröffentlichte solo und als Mitglied der Bands The Reatards und Lost Sounds insgesamt 22 Alben. Reatard wurde am 13. Januar 2010 um 3:30 Uhr tot in seinem Haus in Memphis aufgefunden. Laut dem Arzt, der die Nachuntersuchungen durchführte, spielten Kokain und auch Alkohol eine wesentliche Rolle bei Reatards Tod. ICH WÜRDE SAGEN JAY REaTARD WAR DER WICHTIGSTE PUNK MUSIKER DER LETZTEN 20 JAHRE!!!!! Die Big Eyes werden spätestens um 21 Uhr ihr Set beginnen, da die Verstärker ab 22 Uhr wegen den Anwohnern verstummt sein müssen, aber keine Sorge, danach wird aufgelegt – von wem?! Lasst euch überraschen!!!! UND DAS ALLES FÜR UMSONST ( bzw. GERNE EINE GROßZÜGIGE SPENDE AN DIE BAND )!!!!!

Hier ein Review der neuen Platte auf den Premium Labels Grave Mistake / Taken By Surprise:

This has got to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2013, or at least for me it has been. Big Eyes‘ debut album Hard Life, which came out back in 2011, was all about catchy tracks that gave a sense of bands such as The Ramones and The Muffs. However, subsequent releases including the single Back From The Moon which was also on Grave Mistake, have hinted at a band with some space to grow. As such, the appreciation for this threesome (once of Brooklyn, NY but now firmly ensconced in Seattle, WA) has been growing steadily, to the point where they‘re no longer flying so far under the radar of the music fans and press.

Initial impressions of Almost Famous are that there has been no loss in The Ramones/The Muffs-like quality of Big Eyes‘ earlier material, but there has been a noticeable change in the sound of the band, in that it comes across as bigger and better. All which is evident from the first ten seconds of the opening track „Nothing You Could Say.“ Additionally, the languid vocals of Kate Eldridge seem to have more confidence about them, and I‘m guessing that the time spent fronting this band (plus her previous band Cheeky) has aided this improvement, but to be honest her voice was born for rock‘n'roll and has never been short of the mark. The guitar playing of Eldridge is another factor that has changed (some of which is due to using different equipment) and in addition to having a bigger sound from the six strings, there also seems to be more prominent guitar work in the songs („Losing Touch“ is a prime example of this). It’s not all about Eldridge though, as the rhythm section of Dillan Lazzareschi (drums) and Chris Costalupes (bass) provide a complementary spine to the proceedings without any overt fanfare – in particular the bass sound in the opening track is sublime and caresses my ears in an almost obscene way as it slides into play.

„The Sun Still Shines“ shows that for all the growing that might have been done within the band, Eldridge can still knock out a snarling delivery (a la Kim Shattuck of The Muffs) if she feels the need. The catchiness displayed on Hard Life isn‘t lost either, and to be fair the format of the band hasn‘t changed a great deal, it’s just that all three members of the band seem to be firing on all cylinders from start to finish and doing so with much more self-assurance, which comes through in the songwriting and performing. Almost Famous ends on a particularly big high with „You Ain‘t The Only One“ being perhaps the most mainstream of the eleven tracks, but without any dilution of the simple charm that any of the other ten songs contain. To be honest, there are no lows on this album and Big Eyes have outdone their debut album in quite a significant way, with the warmer and enhanced sound matched by a suite of very strong songs.

Big Eyes are a band on the up and clearly worthy of the attention they‘re getting – Almost Famous might be a title chosen to mock the band’s status in a self-deprecating way, but it would come as no surprise if this album takes the band to new levels in terms of popularity; so much so, that a third album might well be called We Made It.

Additionally, I would imagine that this will be the biggest selling record that Grave Mistake Records will have had up to now, as Almost Famous has the appeal to go well beyond the sometimes narrow confines of the punk/indie crowd, and if there is any justice in this world Big Eyes will reach that wider audience and as a by-product give both band and label the ability to keep on doing what they are doing so well.

Komplete Big Eyes Tourdaten:

Mi. 02.10.2013 Bremen – Sielwallhaus
Do. 03.10.2013 Frankfurt – Klapperfeld
Fr. 04.10.2013 Tübingen – Laden am Sternplatz
Sa. 05.10.2013 (early) Nijlen – Fesitval
Sa. 05.10.2013 (late) Amsterdam – Occii
So. 06.10.2013 Kortrijk – The Pits
Mo. 07.10.2013 London – tba
Di. 08.10.2013 Nottingham – Jt Soar
Mi. 09.10.2013 Newcastle – tba
Do. 10.10.2013 Sheffield – tba
Fr. 11.10.2013 Brighton – tba (tbc)
Sa. 12.10.2013 Caen – Le Bistrot des Halles
So. 13.10.2013 Paris – La mécanique Ondulatoire
Mo. 14.10.2013 Off Day
Di. 15.10.2013 Marmande – Buffet De La Gare
Mi. 16.10.2013 Gijon – The Class
Do. 17.10.2013 Zaragoza – Pub Eccos
Fr. 18.10.2013 Barcelona – Casal de Roquetes
Sa. 19.10.2013 Toulouse – tba
So. 20.10.2013 Lyon – tba
Mo. 21.10.2013 Milano – Ligera
Di. 22.10.2013 Fidenza – Arci Taun
Mi. 23.10.2013 Zagreb – Attack
Do. 24.10.2013 Budapest – Trafik Klub
Fr. 25.10.2013 Vienna – Ekh
Sa. 26.10.2013 Brno – Eleven Club
So. 27.10.2013 Erlangen – Jugendhaus
Mo. 28.10.2013 Munich – Kafe Kult
Di. 29.10.2013 Leipzig – tba
Mi. 30.10.2013 Nünchritz – Kombi
Do. 31.10.2013 Potsdam – Black Fleck
Fr. 01.11.2013 Berlin – Kastanienkeller
Sa. 02.11.2013 Aalborg – 1000 Fryd
So. 03.11.2013 Copenhagen – Dödsmaskinen (tbc)
Mo. 04.11.2013 Hamburg – Hafenklang

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