The Troublemakers (GaragePunk USA) + Dead Ramones (NoisePunk FR) am 28ten Oktober im Epplehaus

In the vein of The Sonics, Mummies, and Makers, The Troublemakers play garage punk in overdriven adrenaline-charged form. Since 1993 they have been rocking the house with a mix of loud and snotty ’60s-style originals and ‚Back From The Grave‘ covers brimming with treble and a fierce punk punch. They‘ve made multiple tours of Europe and the US, played fests like Las Vegas Grind and Wild Weekend, and were the de facto ‚house band‘ of San Francisco’s legendary Purple Onion Club back in the early nineties. Where other bands of the ‚garage revival‘ splintered, the Trouble Makers just kept going. Featuring the same four guys – Tim, Stan, Rod and Brian – playing the same four chords since day one, this is no half-assed revival act. Feared by club owners because of a tendency to assault the audience with instruments, beer, fireworks and, occasionally, 10 pound sacks of flour, their performances are not to be forgotten. They have released a half dozen records, beginning with the ‚Cursed Again‘ EP in 1995 and including the ear-splitting Chris Woodhouse-recorded ‚Great Lost Trouble Makers Album‘ on Screaming Apple Records.

Die Dead Ramones aus Frankreich kombinieren das Beste aus Shoegaze und Punkrock. Wenn man unbedingt ein Siegel brauch, kann man das Noisepunk nennen… Ganz egal. Sie sind irre gut und komplettieren den Abend.

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