The Dagger Eyes (Can) + Latex Lovers (HH) am 5. November im Epplehaus, Tü

The Dagger Eyes

„DAGGER EYES are Ilona & Ian = SUPPOSITORIES (Ottawa) and David = DIRTY TRICKS (Montreal), a new outfit that slays your ears with its first glimpse. They deliver an in-your-face mega catchy mix of ‘77punk & post-punk with a voice many hardcore-punkers out there dreamed all living days of and never reached.
This is a perfect soundtrack for your impending spaceship battle to defend our planet earth from the next alien invasion. Drums & bass pushing you forward like the most reliable combustion engine you can imagine, the simple guitar burns as hell and the under the skin crawling voice adds high-octane fuel to the flames. Some perfectly balanced sound effects & the great artwork of Montreal based artist Lisa Czech ( make this debut a KILLER!
12 songs in round about 18 minutes pressed on 12” black or white wax, packed in black & white artwork – It’s that simple! It’s that punk! PLAY VERY LOUD!!!“ – P.Trash


„Brandnew 77-Pop-Punk-Bastard outta germoney, folx! This bunch of old fuckers plays some short´n´snotty retard-punk-hits, which just greatly adapt to this rank feeling we know from the KBD-comps and combine it with some newer influences like STEVE ADAMYK or the SONIC AVENUES. You know what I mean, when you listen to songs like the nerdy pop-hymn “Segway Cops”, the punkrock-anthem “Johnny Ramone Syndrome” or “November Heart”, which sounds a ´lil melancholic between the lines.
There is a shit load of instant hits on this platter, you just can´t get out of your head for a trillion years. Think of 60% MANIKINS and both 20% MODERN PETS, ABOUT: BLANKS – just cool shit, ya know. How did this fella on the world wide network of irregular excrement say: “cuddly like a latex burka…” – WildWaxShows

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