BurgerRecordsSpecial mit APACHE (Proto-, Glampunk CA) + GLITZ (Glampunk CA) am 13.01. im EPPLEHAUS

Proto-Punk und Street-Glam-Party aus Kalifornien!
Apache und Glitz sind auf Burger Records Spezial-Tour und am 13.01. im Epplehaus…



Wie soll man Apache beschreiben? Irgendwo zwischen oldschooligen Punk-Jams, Garage und Beavis & Butthead-Humor gniedeln sich die bärtigen Trashkids mal schneller und mal langsamer durch verdrogten und sexuell aufgeladenen Rock’n’Roll als wäre es 1976.
Sich selbst beschreiben Apache als „Purveyors of Heavy Pop“.
Überaus geil! Laut Aussagen vetrauenswürdiger Menschen auch eine fantastische Liveband!

„SF’s resident glam punks APACHE are back from their radical sabbatical with a tough new single. The A-side, „Civil Disobedience,“ is a Killed By Death-style ripper about tearing up the City, and has nothing to do with Thoreau. The flip is „Motorcycle Madness,“ a gritty, greasy pub rock tune that evokes Dr. Feelgood and Ducks Deluxe, which features none other than Norton Records‘ DADDY LONG LEGS on lead vocals.“

“Boys Life” 7” (Douchemaster Records)
„This thing just reeks of fringed suede vests, E-Z Widers, jugs of cheap red wine…I love it.“ — Rich Kroneiss; Terminal Boredom



Glitz rühmen sich erstmal als Allstar-Band: Mit Leuten von Bay Area-Garage-Großmeistern wie The Cuts, Personal And The Pizzas und The Impendiments weiß man schon ungefähr, in welche Richtung das Ganze gehen soll, klingt aber dennoch frisch und gleichzeitig ungewaschen… Glam-Punk Rock’n’Roll mit Bubblegum-Singalongs und Blitzkrieg-Drumming. Die LP ist auf Grazer und White Zoo Records rausgekommen, ein Tape gab’s auf Burger Records – sicher auch in Tübingen im Gepäck!

„Glitz is a San Francisco rock quartet featuring members of Apache, Hunx & His Punx, Personal & the Pizzas, Impediments and Wild Thing. Their tenure in those flag-bearing Bay Area groups lends each player undeniable virtuosity, but more importantly, a respect for the democratic nature of a staggering rock band. On their debut album, It’z Glitz, they combine glittery bombast, bubblegum harmonies and muscular riffs into a sound they call “street glam.” The LP contains eleven tunes from their songwriting triple threat – all featuring the bright production of Chet “JR” White (Girls). Every song is a clever reimagining of power pop and pub rock: a soundscape where guitar histrionics and blitzkrieg drum fills blend effortlessly with sugary hooks.“


“Glitz is bringin’ the Glam back for the people on their just released It’z Glitz from Grazer Records! The San Francisco quartet is made up of members from other Bay-area bands like Apache, Personal & The Pizzas, and Wild Thing, and on the It’z Glitz LP these guys rip up bubblegum and power-pop with punk abandon. Produced by Chet JR White (Girls, Spectrals) the record is a real ripper full of killer, cock struttin’ guitar, top-notch drumming, and vocals with just the right sugar and snarl. Street Glam, they call it! Glitz have a cassette release coming soon for Burger Records, and the boyz are currently on the road to SXSW to play several Burger events, with stops on the way down and back-so don’t miss ‘em!” – Live Eye TV (http://liveeyetv.org/2013/03/11/out-now-glitz-itz-glitz-grazer-records)

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