The Yum Yums (Powerpoop) am 17.02. im Epplehaus

The Yum Yums are from Norway and have been playing, released records, toured and basically been arrogant powerpop-stars since 1993. ..

THE YUM YUMS started in 1993, in a musical world where flannell-shirts, whiney indiepop, beats per minute, and way too dark metal-music was threatening to eat the world of pop. What the world needed was a good dose of high-energy punk rock, mixed with sugar-coated pop-melodies, spiked up with multi-layered background harmonies. It was time for the punkpop-empire to strike back!

After his former garageband THE COSMIC DROPOUTS had split up, singer and guitar-player MORTEN HENRIKSEN decided to form THE YUM YUMS. The main goal was to become a mix between Motorhead and The Monkees. High energy rock‘n'roll mixed with way too catchy bubblegum pop!

THE YUM YUMS released their first 7″ single „Girls Like That“ in the spring of 1994. The single quickly received a lot of attention, with rave reviews both in Norway and the rest of the world, which resulted in heavy touring in Norway. „Girls Like That“ was followed by more singles and ep’s, plus the legendary 1st album „Sweet As Candy“, which resulted in even more and better reviews… and even got nominated for the Norwegian Garmmy award for Best Rock Album! The album was also released in Germany and Japan. The singles „Crazy Over You“ and „Be With Me“ was heavy rotated on norwegian radio, and was used in several norwegian TV commercials and movie-soundtracks. In fact „Be With Me“ is still being played on a regular basis on norwegian national radio several times a week!

Outside Norway, the reputation of THE YUM YUMS continued to grow, and taken the band touring in Germany, Japan, USA, Italy, Spain and more…

THE YUM YUMS have released four full-length albums, a 10″ EP, a whole bunch of singles. The albums are „Sweet As Candy“, „Blame It On The Boogie“, „Whatever Rhymes With Baby“ and the recently released masterpiece „THE YUM YUMS… Play Good Music“.

„THE YUM YUMS… Play Good Music“ contains everything one can expect from a Yum Yums album, plus extra helpings of 60’s bubblegun-pop, 60’s garage-rock, 70’s glitter-rock. A little more of everything, really…, including their most personal and darkest lyrics yet! Not to worry, though… the regular YUM YUMS lyrics about girls nice and evil are still there.
– Like lifted straight out of a 12 year old girl’s diary!

The Yum Yums – Gonna Have a Good Time (official video) from Iver Innset on Vimeo.

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