Sonic Avenues, Needles // Pins, ??? am 14.05. im Epplehaus, Tü

Neue Needles//Pins Palatte bald auf ETT erhältlich!!


Sonic Avenues is a band from Montreal that plays noisy, snappy and sharp punk/pop/post-punk tunes. Two albums and a couple of singles later, they have a new LP in the works scheduled to be released on Dirtnap Records (Marked
Men, Steve Adamyk, White Wires, etc) in late winter/early spring. With touring plans that will take them through Canada, USA, Russia, Japan and Europe, it looks like 2014 will be a busy one for the four Canadians. Live, you can expect a very energetic mix of songs from their first and second records, along with a couple of fresh, brand new tracks from their upcoming album. Don‘t miss out. Snooze and lose. Go Canada? Yeeeeeep.


Needles//Pins is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Sometimes people call them a punk band. Sometimes people call them a garage band. Sometimes people call them a power pop band. They aren’t really sure what they are. N//P formed in the early summer of 2009 in a dirty basement. They quickly moved to a less dirty spare bedroom down the street. In the 4 years since then they have released a bunch of tapes, 7”s and an LP on labels like Mammoth Cave Recording Co., La Ti Da Records and Hosehead Records. They have also toured Canada several times and made it all the way down to San Diego, California and back (twice) without dying. In the Spring of 2014 they will release their second LP, which will come out on Dirt Cult Records. They think that’s pretty neat. Future plans include: playing more shows, making more records and trying not to barf.

Drop It (Needles//Pins) from Nick Benidt (VJ Bandit) on Vimeo.

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