Wax Witches + TBC am 23.02. im Epplehaus, Tü

Zackig, poppiger Punkrock aus Brooklyn.
Überdeht, unbeschwert mit Releases auf Burger Records, StopStart Records. Lädt selbst Montags dazu, das Hirn für eine kurze Weile in Bier einzulegen.

„Celebrity Beatings“ is the debut 2013 album from Bleeding Knees Club frontman Alex Wall’s solo project Wax Witches. And if possible, it’s even more snotty, frantic, dumb, lo-fi and badass than BKC! Its brat-blast noise-pop ‚n‘ gonzo garage-rock channels Wall’s love of California punk and psych culture, from The Descendents through to Ty Segall. And it even includes a faithfully pissed-off Black Flag cover. Nearly every instrument was performed by Wall at home, before being mastered by Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows)

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