Luca von GO!ZILLA und ZUMA BOOKING im Interview

Go!Zilla, welche bereits auch zwei mal das Epplehaus beschallten, sind eine Band, deren Tourfreude ihresgleichen sucht, was mir als -neuerdings eingefahrenem Homeboy- wie eine Geschichte aus einem Land vor unserer Zeit vorkommen will.
Selten schaffen es Bands so gut, die ausufernden Momente von frischestem Psych-Rock (Marke Austin Psych Fest), mit räudigst, lautem Garagepunk zu verbinden, was live schon mal die Nackenhärchen aufzustellen vermag.
Auch wird luca (dritter von links), dem Kopf der Band, nachgesagt, er würde Schlaf meiden, wie Dracula Weihwasser. Völlig nachvollziehbar, wenn man sich die unzähligen Auftritte und das fast schon invasorische Booking- und Vernetzungsverhalten reinzieht. Woher nimmt der Mensch die Zeit und Energie dafür? Und wieso klingt die Musik trotzdem so energisch und frisch und nicht wie -kurz vor dem völligen- Nervenzusammenbruch? Und Vor Allem, was darf man vom neuen, noch ausstehenden Album erwarten? Rätsel über Rätsel, denen ich versuche hier im Interview nachzugehen:

1. As an introduction: Who are you and and what are you doing?

I‘m Luca Landi, guitar player and singer of GO!ZILLA and booker of Zuma Bookings

2. Go!Zilla started as a 2piece, is now a 3piece. Why the change?

We wanted to have a more complete sound, trying to evolve our band becoming able to play bigger stages and enlarge the audience.

3. What exacty are oyur lyrics about? Politics, People, Situations?

It really depends, every of our record have a different „theme“, the last one, that we just finished recording, is more concentrated on people’s mind, describing different types or stereotypes of people that i met, and of course it speaks also about my personal life: is the easiest thing that i can sing about.

4. You toured a lot – actually you are supposed to be on the road most of the time. What is going on out there in (music)world? Any developments you think are cool or you are afraid of?

We really think that the only way to get known nowadays is to play a lot, enjoy your time, meet new people and discover new countries / realities. Every country has a different way to live the music, in italy people are quite during concerts they are like „scared“ of enjoying at their most, in france is the opposite, they are always excited about what’s happening on stage. I‘m scared about young people, it seems that not many of them are still attracted by rocknroll music like in the past but i m sure that it needs just ONE person each city to build something interesting, to build a musical scene!

5. What are the 5 records you listened to most of the time during the last days?

Well actually in the latest days we were recording our new Lp at the Outside Inside Studio in Treviso, north/est of italy. Mojomatics studio.
We listened to Reverend Beatman, The Pharmacy, a band of friends called Diplomatics, and the new Ty Segall single track ! we had just a few free for our ears.

6. What was the most impressive show for you and why?

I saw the Rolling Stones last summer in Rome and i was really impressed by Mick Jagger, he’s still on top!

7. Who would you like to meet and talk to once? What would you ask?

I‘d Love to Meet Paul McCartney, don‘t really know what i would ask him but i‘d say thanks for the Beatles and i probably will ask him for an autograph ahahah

8. You have just finished your 2nd LP Waht can we expect?

Be Ready, we never been so satisfied by a recording session, it’s no more Lofi, but is still GO!ZILLA, powerful riffs, some creepy ballad, an instrumental tribal song. well, we are very proud it. can‘t wait to let you listen to it!!!!

9. If you had the chance to let one sentence suddenly apear on every tv in the world what would it be?

Really hard question: i‘m strongly convincted that rockroll never died, people love it BUT someone has to put himself on game, risk some money, put efforts to bring things together, organize shows and whatever.. it wouldnt be a sentence but just a reminder, don‘t drop your dreams.

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