BEEKEEPERS & P.U.F.F // 11.10 // Epplehaus

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BEEKEEPERS (Noisepunk Oakland, CA)

Vetrackt, markerschütterndes NoisePunk-Gewitter

„Blown-out absurdist B-movie noise performace-punk inexplicably dressed in beekeeping apparatus. Fuzz-driven “video game punk” with a dadaist spin, Abwärts-and-all. Destroying guitars with hammers, buzzing their hair off with hair clippers, duct taping microphones to faces, swatting cell phones, tangling audience members and dragging them across the floor are all true stories of a Beekeepers’ live performance. Their performance is violent collage of your favorite glitches and mishaps into one traumatic moment.“

P.U.F.F. (Weirdo-Wave/SynthPunk)

Wie „Suicide“ auf Speed

„PUFF get called synth punk all the time but they’ve being making an art out of disappointing punks and synths for a while now. It’s true they channel the early future-billy of Suicide and occasionally wander into the anxious misanthropy of 12 year old Felix Kubin and Screamers but these band + band = band equations don’t really balance. PUFF has been known to cause erectile dysfunction and red eye, half broken organs and half repaired synths pair with misappropriated guitars to create music that is intended to kill the party, over this racket a voice croons lyrics that could’ve been written by Travis Bickle if he had a sense of humour. John Carpenter samples and itchy melodies, music that’s grown like mold from an over fermented pair of minds, it’s punk if punk was really punk. It’s garage if your garage contains a broken dishwasher and a forgotten collection of Joe Meek records. I’ll admit there’s something of Devo in there but this is far from nostalgic, nostalgia makes for happy memories, PUFF don’t.“

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