Appaloosa // 12.02. // Epplehaus

Live-Trance, Big Beat, Noise-Rock… Nenn’s wie du willst. Musikalisch defintiv zwischen einer Menge Stühle anzuordnen, sind Appaloosa immer wieder aufs Neue eine Erfahrung. Ultra-Fettes Schlagzeug- und Bassspiel eingebettet in einer Flut aus Effekten, verschwirbelten Klangwelten, die sich unverschämt aus unterschiedlichsten Spektren der Musik bedienen, aber nie wirklich greifbar sein wollen. Auf ihrem neuesten Machwerk „BaB“ werden sämtliche Register gezogen, schiere Energie gebannt auf 11. Stücken, welche mehr als gekonnt die Synapsen durchzuwirbeln wissen…

„Appaloosa were formed in 1998 in Livorno, Italy. After several lineup changes and different musical experiments they created a sound that blends noise, punk, hip hop, psychedelia and dance music, composing songs with the use of two bass, drums and synths combined with samples and drum machines. After their perform at the Arezzo Wave Fest in 2002, the founders of the festival produce the first album of the band named „Appaloosa“ (2003). They also performed Arezzo Wave in 2003,2004,2008.
The most important exhibition was on the main stage opening for Cypress Hill in 2004.
The next albums „Non posso stare senza di te“ (2006) and „Savana“ (2009) were released by the label Urtovox. Since 2004 to 2009, the band has been on tour all around Italy, participating at important Festivals sharing stages with bands like : Cypress Hill, Karate, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Atari teenage Riot, Joe Lalli, Nomeansno, Verdena, Calibro 35, Zen Circus, Teatro degli Orrori, Afterhours, Linea 77, Aucan, One Dimensional Man, Civil Civic. In 2010 the group began playing beyond national boundaries with two tours in Germany and France.
In 2011 they founded their own studio „Orfanotrofio“ where they have recorded their own albums since.
In 2012 the Florence based label Black Candy Records released the album“The worst of Saturday night“.. The album were promoted with about 100 shows in France, Uk,Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain.
On summer 2013 they started two work on their next album „Trance44″. The album was released on January 15, 2014 for Black Candy records, then the band toured Europe for about two years. While in tour, in the fall of 2015 they started to composed and record their latest work „BaB“.
The expected realese of „BaB“ is on January 2016 for Black Candy Records. The Appaloosa will play the new live set with a european tour in November/Decemeber 2015.“

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